Karim Ouazaa



Karim Ouazaa obtained the Engineer degree in Electrical Engineering from National Engineering School of Tunis (ENIT), Tunis, Tunisie, in 2018. He is currently pursuing a master’s degree at the Biomedical Microsystems Laboratory, Laval University, Quebec City, Canada with the supervision of professor Benoit Gosselin.

Project : The EcoChip: A wireless multisensor platform for comprehensive environmental monitoring

My research is oriented towards the development of a new autonomous wireless sensor platform called the EcoChip intended for culturing and monitoring the growth of microorganisms and their environmental conditions in situ, in harsh environments, such as in northern climates. This project is being developed in the course of the Sentinel Nord projet: Comprehensive environmental monitoring and valorisation: From molecules to microorganisms. It can be deployed in the field for continuous monitoring of microbial growth within 96 individual wells through a multichannel electro-chemical impedance (EIS) monitoring circuit. Additional sensors are provided for measuring environmental parameters such as luminosity, humidity, and temperature. Embedded memory is integrated to save all the data locally and then can be transmitted through a radio communication to PCs or mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.