Karim Bouzid



Karim Bouzid graduated from the B. Eng. degree in Electrical Engineering from Laval University, Québec, Canada, in December 2019. Currently pursuing a M. Sc. degree at Laval University in the Biomedical Microsystems Lab with professor Benoit Gosselin, his main research interests include bio-impedance spectroscopy, signal processing, electronic systems, bioremediation and green technology.

Project : Electro-chemical impedance (EIS) spectroscopy to monitor microorganisms growth.

My researches are a part of the EcoChip project, which aspires to expand the collective knowledge of bacterial strain and microorganism communities that thrive in harsh environment like those in the northern regions of Québec. This initiative aims to identify sentinel microorganisms that are signposts of specific environmental changes across a gradient of Northern regions under the influence of global warming, human interventions and the presence of contaminants, and strives to identify unique molecules in these extreme environments that have potential usage in biological and industrial processes. My project aims to design and optimize a sensing system that could autonomously identify microorganisms using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and AI-algorithms.