Gabriel Gagnon-Turcotte



Gabriel Gagnon-Turcotte (S’15) received the B.E. degree in Computer Engineering from Laval University, Quebec City, Canada, in 2014, and the M.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering from Laval University, Quebec, Canada, in 2015. Currently, he is pursuing the Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering at the Biomedical Microsystems Laboratory, Laval University, Quebec City, Canada. His main research interests are neural compression algorithms, wireless implantable biomedical systems, mixed signal/analog IC design, system-level digital design and VLSI signal processing. Since his master’s degree, he has won several awards, including the BioCAS’15 Best Paper Award (second place), the Canadian Governor General’s Academic Gold Medal, and the Brian L. Barge Microsystems Integration Award.