Hicham Jouaicha



He Received the technical university degree DUT in embedded systems from the Superior School of Technology, Meknes, Morocco in 2015, and the B.S degree from Sidi Mohamed ben Abdellah university, Fés, Morocco in mechatronic and embedded systems in 2016, and a M.S degree in embedded electronics and Telecommunication Systems from Ibn Tofail, University, kenitra Morocco in 2018.

Currently, he is working toward the M.S degree in the Biomedical Microsystems Laboratory, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University Laval, Quebec, QC, Canada

Project : wireless power transmission for biomedical implantable devices

This project aims to develop a smart Closed-Loop system for electrophysiology data acquisition in a free movement, this system includes ener-homecage equipped with magnetic resonance based in wireless power transmission (WPT), the implantable electronic device cannot use batteries as primary source of energy in long-term experiment, the wireless power and energy transfer rules out any risk of infection, as well as the need for invasive surgery for a battery change. In this systems the power must be delivered wirelessly across the skin with an inductive coupling formed by mutually coupled coils, the implantable part contains laser led driver circuit lead to the optogenetic stimulation, the energy consumption of the implantable device and increasing the Power Transfer Efficiency (PTE) and Power delivered to the load (PDL) are the main challenges in the design of a robust wireless power transmission (WPT) links for this application.