Nicolas Juteau



Nicolas Juteau received an analyst-programmer diploma in 2009 at MultiHexa College, Quebec, Canada. Later on, he graduated from the B. Eng. Degree in Computer Engineering at Laval University, Quebec, Canada in 2018. Currently attending his final year as a M. Sc. student for the Electrical Engineer degree at the Biomedical Microsystems Laboratory of Laval University, his studies interests are blood pressure monitoring, embedded systems design, microcontroller development, electronics and signal processing.

Project : Unobstrusive and wireless electronic oscillometric sphygmomanometer for ambulatory blood pressure monitoring

Divided in two phases, the project goals are to design an electronic sphygmomanometer prototype and assess the accuracy of algorithms that estimates the systolic and diastolic blood pressure values from a recorded oscillometric waveform. While the development of the prototype is focused on patient comfort, power efficiency, low profile electronics & mechanical integration, the prototype also serves as a foundation for the recording of raw oscillometric waveforms for further offsite processing. Among the studied extraction algorithms are: the maximum amplitude, harmonic analysis, pulse morphology, and non-linear curve fitting.